How Does Low Cost Printer Ink Work?

It is very important to choose the right printer, whether you are domestic or a commercial user. If you have the right printer for your needs, you will also keep the costs of using a printer down. One of the most expensive parts of a printer is, of course, the cartridge. However, if you know what you are looking for, it is possible to buy low costs printer ink. One thing to remember is that the cheapest cartridge will not necessarily give you the cheapest prints. What you need to work out is how much ink actually gets used for a page and what the price of the cartridge is. There are a number of options available to you if you are looking for low cost printer ink. You need to do your research and compare the market to get the best price for you.

High Capacity and Mini Cartridges

When you buy a new printer, you will receive a number of cartridges with it. Very often, however, this is simply a starter cartridge. These have a lot less ink inside them and run out quite quickly. Hence, it may be worth spending a little bit more on a printer, if it means getting full cartridges. Alternatively, you could see if you can buy low cost printer ink with your printer, perhaps even at a discount because you buy a package. High capacity cartridges, or XL cartridges, hold more ink than a standard and create more prints. They are more expensive to buy outright, but they cost less on a page per page basis. Hence, these could actually be better value. It is generally recommended to buy XL cartridges online, where the prices will be a lot cheaper. However, you must check whether the cartridges are compatible with your printer before you decide to buy them.

Combined Color Cartridges

Another option you have available is to purchase combined color cartridges. These are generally quite expensive, but at least you will have all the colors (and often also black) in one go. However, if you haven’t quite used up a color yet, you are effectively wasting your money, since you will have to replace the entire cartridge. If you happen to print a lot in one color, you will find that this is not exactly low cost printer ink. The three colors found in a cartridge are cyna, magenta and yellow (the three primary colors). Most people prefer to buy single color cartridges, because they then only have to replace the color that has actually ran out. Indeed, the three cartridges may work out more expensive than one combined color cartridge, but in the long run, it works out cheaper because you only replace what you need. Also, you won’t be putting ink into the environment when you throw away a cartridge that is actually only partially used.

Photo cartridges

It is also possible to buy photo color or photo black cartridges. These are specifically designed to deliver high quality printouts of photographs. If you are looking for low cost printer ink, this is probably not the best type of cartridge to get. However, if you are a photo printer, you will need these types of cartridges and it is very important to make sure that you get the best type of low cost printer ink for your printing solutions. Interestingly, if you do have to use these types of cartridges, you may also need to think about the type of printer you have. Very often, printers will accept a photo cartridge, but only if you remove the regular ink cartridge. This means that you may have to leave a cartridge lying about open somewhere, waiting to be used again and drying out in the meantime. So, if you want to make sure that your ink lasts as long as possible, you should consider a printer that can permanently accept both regular and photo cartridges.

Refill cartridges

Lastly,you can opt for refill cartridges. You must be careful with these, as there is a technique called drill and fill which is not a good method at all. However, if you are looking for really low cost printer ink, you may be tempted by this. It is much better to opt for refurbished or remanufactured cartridges. These are more expensive than their drill and fill counterparts, and certainly more expensive than do it yourself refills, but they are also of much better quality. Not just that, you can still save around 40% on your cartridge cost, potentially even more if you take the above tips into consideration as well.