How To Find Toner For Less

A printer is an essential item in almost everybody’s household. Whether you are printing documents, boarding passes, concert tickets or whatever else, a printer is needed. However, one problem with printers is the ink. It runs out so incredibly quickly and toner is hugely expensive to buy. So expensive, in fact, that domestic users regularly buy new printers rather than buying new toner. But did you know you can get toner for less? Whether you are domestic or a commercial user, opting for toner for less is a fantastic option. Not just because you will save money and still get the same quality, but also because you are protecting the environment and potentially making a difference to communities around you. Let’s take a look at how all of this is possible just by buying cheaper toner.

The Environmental Issue

The environmental issue cannot be ignored. Our planet is disintegrating at an alarming rate. But we can still make a difference, we can still turn this around. As a domestic user, if you were to buy new printers rather than new toners, where do you think your old printer is going to go? That’s right, on a landfill site. So, if you opt to buy toner for less, you won’t be getting rid of your old printer and protecting the environment in the process. But there is more to it as well. Toner for less is generally offered through reconditioned or refurbished toners. This means that less empty toners are released into the environment as well. Again, you are making a tangible difference to stopping the world from becoming one big landfill site.

In terms of helping communities, you can also make a really big difference. Once you have used up your toner, you can put it in a charity box. Local charities then sell these to toner refurbishers and the money they make from this goes straight back into the community. You can then buy the same toner for less. It is like a positive cycle of protecting the environment, helping local communities and saving money. How great is that!

But Aren’t Refurbished Toners Really Bad?

There is a huge rumor out there that refurbished and reconditioned toners are of less good quality than their original OEM counterparts. This is an absolute fallacy. However, let’s be honest, even if it were to be true, wouldn’t it still be worth to opt for toner for less if it means saving the planet? However, as you will see, it is a rumor that is not based on any facts. So where did this rumor come from? Why do so many people still believe that you should only buy OEM toner?

The first reason is because someone once said that if you use a reconditioned toner, you void your warranty. This is not true and you are urged to look at the fine print on your warranty to check this. There is no reason as to why toner for less would void the warranty because it won’t damage your machine. The second reason is that people believe the quality of the way toners are refurbished makes them of poor quality. It is certainly true that when refurbished toners first came onto our market, they were simply refilled with toner. This meant there were still old toner leftovers and that the toners weren’t checked. This is no longer the case, however. Now, if you buy toner for less, you are buying a quality product. Each of the toners is checked from top to bottom to make sure there are no malfunctioning parts. It is also thoroughly cleaned. Basically, when you buy toner for less, you are buying a brand new toner. There is no chance at all that you are buying a product that is likely to malfunction or give you bad quality print.

Why These Rumors Exist

So how come these rumors exist? There are a number of reasons for this. The first reason is that, as stated above, the old filled refurbished toners were in fact of bad quality. Not to the point that they would damage your machine, but certainly of poor enough quality to make sure your prints would not come out looking particularly good. However, it seems that the manufacturers of OEM products jumped on this. Have a look at how much an OEM toner costs and compare it to the price of a toner for less. The difference can be as much as 40%, which is huge! For toner manufacturers, this is a difference that they simply cannot compete with. And it seems now that many of the rumors around the quality and condition of refurbished toners have been started by manufacturers of toners. It is in their best interest for these types of rumors to be spread, because it means more people will continue to purchase brand new toners. Don’t be fooled by it though. Refurbished and reconditioned toners are branded items. They are a perfect match for your printer, regardless of what sort of printer you have. All the colors that are needed in toner are provided and your printouts will come out in excellent quality. This is true even for photographic printouts. There is, in essence, no reason at all as to why you should purchase expensive branded item, just for the privilege of being able to say that you purchased an OEM product. Added to this the fact that you will not be making any type of positive contribution to the environment and to your community, and it becomes increasingly clear why you should opt for the reconditioned and refurbished items.