How To Get Ink For Less

Almost everybody has a printer nowadays and it is likely that you are out of pocket quite a bit whenever you need to restock your paper and your ink. But did you know it is possible to get ink for less? This is hugely important, because paper can be purchased at a very low price, but brand new ink cartridges can really break the bank!

Original Versus Refurbished

It may feel like the safe bet to buy brand new, OEM cartridges. However, if you want to get your hands on ink for less, you need to consider the refurbished models. Even someone who doesn’t print much will find that the cost is tremendous, so image if you are a heavy user, like a business. The amount of money you then have to spend on cartridges, toner and ink is beyond belief. Clearly, the much safe bet is to stick with refurbished cartridges.

Know What You Are Buying

When you buy a cartridge – new or refurbished – there are a number of things you will probably look at. Firstly, there will be how many pages the cartridge is able to print. However, read on and you will find out that this number only applies if you cover the page with less than 10% ink. This is great for documents, but not graphics. So, before you think about getting ink for less, you need to think about how you will be using it. One graphic page is about ten document pages, so this will tell you a whole lot more about what you are actually going to use. Now, you have probably read the instruction manual that came with your original printer. In that, you will have seen that you should only by branded products. Some will even go so far to say that you will void your warranty if you don’t buy branded items. So, off you go to buy your expensive cartridges and you find yourself printing as little as possible, running through all your colors until there really is nothing else to it than to fork out the money for a new cartridge.

The Lies

The problem is that the world is surrounded by lies. There is nothing at all wrong with getting ink for less. Nothing, that is, besides no longer feeding the pockets of the fat cats in the printing industry. Those who say that your warranty will no longer be valid are selling you a flat out lie. Both the American Fair Trade and the European Union have stated that this specification can no longer be upheld and that it was originally only put in place to stop competition. So you go ahead and get a refurbished cartridge with ink for less. You will also not destroy your machines. Each of these refurbished cartridges have been checked and rechecked. A scientific test took place not too long ago, where “experts” were asked to compare two cartridges. They were unaware that one of them was a refurbished cartridge and the other was branded. Most didn’t guess one was refurbished. Those who did pointed to the branded item as being the refurbished one. AS you can see, even scientists are brainwashed by the idea that getting ink for less can only be done by forfeiting on quality.

As you can see, if you want to save big money on your printing budget, you need to think of where you buy your ink. Of course you can make a change in your actual printing behavior, thereby conserving ink, but if you also want to save money, you should simply purchase ink for less. Not just that, in doing so you are also making a positive contribution to the environment. This is because you are using recycled cartridges, which would otherwise be released back into the environment. This is an important factor to consider, because our planet really is turning into on giant landfill site. Many parts of printer cartridges are not biodegradable and they will sit in our environment for ages, releasing toxins into the planet. Not just that, you could choose to donate your own use cartridges to charity. Many charities have collection boxes that you can keep in your office, for instance, which they will pick up for you as well. If you are a domestic user, you can just drop it off at your nearest charity shop. They can then sell them back to remanufacturers and the money that is made from your used cartridges then goes to helping the community.