How To Get Printer Ink For Less

There are a number of ways in which you can save big money on your printing costs. Some of these include actually getting printer ink for less, for instance from a website. Other ideas are all about your behavior as a printer user. Some ideas are good, some ideas are brilliant, other ideas should only be used as a last resort. Let’s take a look at ways in which you can get printer ink for less. But let’s also look at how you can make sure you simply use less ink, thereby also saving massively on your printing costs. Remember how expensive printer ink is, but these little adjustments can really save you a lot of money. Not just that, they can also help to save the environment. Best of all, these tactics can be used both by domestic and commercial users. Let’s take a look!

Change the Font Type on Your Documents

Most people use Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman as a standard font. But did you know some of the fonts are just as beautiful but are lighter in color? For instance, Century Gothic is a much lighter type and this means you would use much less printer ink. A number of prominent organizations are now changing their corporate fonts to Century Gothic, because it looks just as professional as the standard fonts but it is better for the budget and better for the environment. Changing your default font is very easy, simply go to your format option, click on font, select the font you need and save it as “default”. This means you don’t ever have to think about it again.

Using Smaller Font Sizes

The font we use really has a big impact on our printer usages. If you were to use a smaller font size, say 10 or less, you will also be able to use less printer ink. Naturally, you do have to check that the font is still legible, don’t make it too small in other words. The larger you print, the bigger the amount of ink you use, the more money you will spend on printing.

The Draft Setting

If you have a reasonably advanced operating system on your computer, you can use either the “econo” or “draft” print setting. This is a fantastic way to get printer ink for less, because it means that you use a whole lot less ink. What these settings do is make the print much lighter, but still legible.

Outsource Your Printing

This seems easy, doesn’t it? If you want to be able to get printer ink for less, just don’t buy it yourself. However, you do have to pay the copy center or supply store that will be printing for you. However, if you have a large number of prints, it is often a much cheaper option than printing it yourself. Do look into this and make some calculations to see whether or not you would actually save money with this option.

Refill Printer Ink

If you must buy new printer ink, this is the key to saving money. If you want to get printer ink for less, you need to look into refurbished toners and cartridges. There are a number of bad reports on the market about refurbished cartridges, but none of them are true. This really is the best way to get printer ink for less and still have the same quality you are use to and have come to expect. These refurbished cartridges have all been checked and checked again, so you will know for a fact that you are actually getting a good quality item. There are often very interesting offers on, meaning you could potentially save even more money on your printing, but on average most people save around 40% on their printer ink costs by opting for refurbished cartridges.

DIY Refills

This is the one you should only do if times are particularly desperate. There are a number of kits you can buy to refill your own cartridges. This technology is not available for toner cartridges. Even the ones that are suitable for regular ink jet, however, are not recommended. However, if you are student for instance, and you have to get printer ink for less, this will be your cheapest option. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect the best quality print or the largest amount of prints from a refilled cartridge.


Last but not least, you must recycle your cartridges. Most will donate their cartridges to charity, allowing them to sell them to remanufacturing companies. However, you can also opt to sell them yourself, using the money to buy new (refurbished) cartridges yourself.