Learn The Basics Of Printer Ink Cartridges

Answer one question: what is so expensive about printers? Your answer is going to be the ink or the cartridges, isn’t it? In fact, with the price of printers becoming so low, some people are resorting to buying a new printer, because it is often cheaper than buying a new cartridge. Or so they think. See, you don’t have to buy a new printer all the time, and pollute the environment with disused pieces of machinery while you’re at it. All you need to do is find a supplier that sells good quality remanufactured and generic cartridges and Bob’s your uncle as they say. Buying these helps you protect the environment, allow you to keep hold of your money and, potentially, help local charities and community nonprofit organizations. All of that for a price that can be up to 40% less than a branded, new item. Interested?

History of Remanufactured Cartridges

The first remanufactured cartridge became available on the market around the turn of the century, some ten or so years ago. In those days, they were often of poor quality and this gave them a very bad name. Quite a number of people purchased low quality cartridges and found their printers were damaged or even broken due to using them. However, since then, the technology has improved and quite literally gone from strength to strength. Nowadays, only very few cartridges are potentially damaging to your printer and you won’t find any of these for sale through reputable dealers. In fact, these remanufactured cartridges now meet or exceed the standards set by the original printer and cartridge manufacturers. This is known as the OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer – standard. One of the greatest things about remanufactured cartridges these days is that they actually last longer than the original cartridge, giving you even more savings.

The Community Service

What sounds better? Using your ink cartridge and dumping it on the local landfill site or providing schools, charities and non-profit organizations with much needed help, without it costing you a penny? Have a look around the nonprofit organizations you come into contact with and notice how many of them have cartridge recycling bins. You will help them make some money and you will save the environment in the process. After all, simply recycling your cartridges will prevent millions of pounds of aluminum, plastic and rubber from entering the environment by being dumped or burned. Best of all, you really will be providing a community service, because the money the non-profit organizations make from recycling these cartridges go straight back into the community.

How You Know Refurbished Items Are Good

When you buy a refurbished product from a reputable merchant, you will know that they will have been thoroughly inspected before being reused. They are check for cracks and other issues that could potentially cause leaks or other problems. Also, they make sure that they aren’t getting too old, which could lead to other problems. Next, the outside of the cartridge is completely cleaned, so that the labels and dirt come off. They are then disassembled and any of the small parts of components that are broken are replaced with new ones. Then, the inside is washed with a special solution, which takes any ink residue out of the cartridge. Then, the cartridges are filled back up with ink of very high quality and the liquid is sealed inside the cartridge. After this, the cartridges go through a new quality control process where they are checked for functionality. Then, they are wrapped up in boxes and shipped to customers and retailers around the world. So, you will know for a fact that your product is of high quality, because it has been checked and tested at every step of the process.

Other Benefits

We have already discussed the tremendous benefits to the environment and community that is offered by remanufactured cartridges. The other thing to consider is that making a remanufactured cartridge consumes a lot less energy than creating a new one, thereby further helping the environment. There is no need to mold, heat or cool plastic or using any other fossil fuels. A cartridge can be refurbished around four times before it really is time for it to be disposed of, in an environmentally correct way of course. Last but not least, you are sure to receive excellent value for money, having to spend a lot less on these necessary items. All in all, there is really no reason as to why you shouldn’t buy remanufactured cartridges.