Misconceptions About A Remanufactured TN450 Toner

Printers are necessary but boy would we like do without. Not because they’re not handy, but because the toners are so incredibly expensive. Not anymore however! You could opt to buy the tn450 toner cartridge and make some significant savings. The refurbished toner cartridge will save you around 40% compared to a brand new product, but it gives you all the same advantages. It is a refurbished item that is compatible with most Brother printers. Do take the time to check the web to make sure that your printer is compatible with this particular cartridge. Now, refurbished cartridges have gained a strange reputation as being of low quality. There are a number of rumors going around, all of them false. It is believed that all of these rumors have been started by the manufacturers of OEM cartridges, simply because they don’t want to lose out on the money they make from their cartridges. Let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions and why these are simply untrue.

Remanufactured tn450 Toner Cartridge Is Simple Replaced Toner

In the past, remanufacturers used the drill and fill technique. This meant that they would drill a small hole in an empty cartridge and simply refill it with toner. This is an absolute cheat, both of your money and the environment. These cartridges break regularly and the quality of the print is abysmal at best. This is not what the tn450 toner cartridge does, however. These are all tested and cleaned and if there is any damage to any of the parts of the cartridge, they are replaced. This is essential to make sure your cartridge will work properly. Generally, refurbished cartridges have a brand new drum, brand new charge rollers and many other brand new parts that may be necessary. Plus, they are tested before and after they have been refurbished, to make sure you receive a quality item. Even the microchips are regularly replaced.

TN450 Toner Cartridge Is not as Good as OEM Cartridge

Another great lie! Chemical toner became available on the market some seven years ago and almost all of the OEM manufacturers now use this technology. About a year and a half ago, the technology also became available for remanufacturers and the quality of a TN450 toner cartridge is just as good as the original OEM. It has to be, of course, otherwise producers of refurbished toner would go out of business in no time. In fact, we could say that the quality of a refurbished toner is even better, because it has been checked and rechecked.

TN450 Toner Cartridge Uses Reused Toner in the Cartridge

This is, by far, one of the biggest lies of all. Unfortunately, too many people still think this one is true. If this would happen, toner would have get contaminated by the dust on the paper, as well as the electrical charges it is exposed to. It would, quite simply, not work at all. Added to this, the toner formulation for each cartridge is different so it is not possible to combine contaminated toner. Again, this is a complete fallacy.

If the TN450 Toner Cartridge is Defective, My Printer Will Be Damaged

No, no, no! This is the oldest lie in the book. What you must remember is that a toner is a self contained entity and it does not have any significant contact with the printer itself. At worst, you may have to remove the toner from the cartridge. A slight toner deposit is also not a sign of a failing cartridge. Even brand new cartridges deposit a little bit of toner. So much so, in fact, the newer printers now come with a waste toner box specifically to collect these little deposits. You will also have noticed that whenever your printer goes through regular maintenance, the toner deposits are removed, regardless of the type of cartridge or toner you use in your machine. A remanufactured cartridge wears your printer in exactly the same way as a brand new OEM cartridge.

All Brother TN450 Toner Cartridge are Reused, Just Like Canon, HP and Lexmark

One of the reasons as to why people believe that cartridges are likely to be of bad quality is because they believe every single one of them is reused. Again, totally untrue. Every cartridge is checked and vetted and as a result only some 20% of cartridges are approved to be reused. Very often, cartridges are broken during collection of empties or because of poor maintenance. These cartridges are not remanufactured. Instead, their functioning parts are salvaged and these parts are reused if appropriate.

A TN450 Toner Cartridge Is an Inferior Cartridge

This is one of those rumors that have clearly been started by manufacturers. There is no reason at all to believe that a refurbished cartridge is of any lesser quality than a brand new OEM cartridge. In fact, in independent tests, no difference between the two has been noticed. The quality of the print is the same, the number of prints are the same, the low number of reported faults are exactly the same too. What isn’t the same, however, is the price. The price of a remanufactured cartridge is around 40% less than an OEM cartridge, which is a huge difference. Not just that, however, by choosing a remanufactured cartridge, you make a difference to the environment. You are helping to recycle old cartridges, rather than releasing them into the environment. And if you also donate your used cartridges to charity, you are also making a positive contribution to your local community. In fairness, you can do that with OEM cartridges too, but you are unable to join in the green revolution that way.

Using a TN450 Toner Cartridge Voids the Warranty on Your Printer

Once upon a time, this was certainly true. It was an evil trick by manufacturers to make sure people wouldn’t buy cheaper models. However, pressure was placed on OEMs by American Fair Trade and by the European Union and your warranty is no longer affected by using refurbished cartridges.