Using Canon Ink Cartridges For Excellent Print Quality

Owning a printer at home is no longer unusual. Gone are the times when printers were made and intended solely for companies that needed to produce large volumes of printed documents. As such, it is vital to understand not only the type of printer that right for each household or individual, but also what type of cartridge to use.

Types of Printers and Key Differences

Two of the most popular types of printers are laser printers and inkjet printers. The key difference between these two is the type of cartridge they use. Laser printers use toner cartridges, while inkjet printers use ink cartridges. Toner cartridges contain a powdered, carbon-based substance, while ink cartridges contain liquid. Inkjet printers are usually less bulky and lower priced than laser printers. This is why inkjet printers like the Canon PIXMA, which uses Canon ink cartridges, are best for regular or light home usage. On the other hand, the more costly laser printers are best used when printing projects that require high picture clarity, bulk output, or both. There are now inkjet printers that can deliver print-outs with the same basic quality as laser printers at a fraction of the cost. For example, buying and using a Canon PIXMA printer which can produce both black-and-white and colored prints comes at almost the same cost (or less) as a laser printer which can only produce black-and-white prints.

Choosing an Inkjet Printer

Assuming that you intend to use the printer at home and on an occasional basis, you should look at both inkjet printer models and their original cartridges. Since inkjet printers nowadays are similarly priced among brands, let’s focus on the cartridges. In the ink cartridge market, Canon ink cartridges have had the most stable prices. Other manufacturers’ original ink cartridge prices have consistently gone up or fluctuated in past years. Additionally, original Canon cartridges are known to be compatible with multiple Canon inkjet printer models. This basically means that looking for and buying ink for your printer will be very easy and won’t limit you to a particular printer model. Upgrading to different a Canon printer won’t usually render previously-bought cartridges obsolete and unusable. Since printing expenses don’t end after buying a printer but rather adds up when buying ink cartridges, it would be wise to choose a Canon printer since the overall cost is lower and there’s added compatibility. The question now is, since there are multiple Canon-compatible cartridges out there, why will you choose to use original Canon ink cartridges?

Using Original vs. Compatible Cartridges

The main difference between original and compatible cartridges isn’t just about the price. Yes, compatible ink is cheaper but you are also more likely to incur additional maintenance costs in the future. Original Canon ink cartridges contain cleaning chemicals that ensure the print head of your Canon inkjet printer is clean all the time. This prevents issues which may eventually lead to the need for a print head replacement. Compatible cartridges don’t have these cleaning chemicals. As such, prolonged use of anything but original ink may eventually cost more money in the long run. This is why if you own or plan to buy any printer, it is often best to continuously use original ink cartridge such as in the Canon printer and Canon ink cartridges.