What Are Laser Toner Cartridges

Computer printers come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Different types of printers use different types of ink. Ink jet printers, for instance, use liquid ink, which is sprayed in different methods onto the paper. These methods include piezoelectric methods, drop on demand methods and thermal methods. Next, there are solid ink printers. These use a type of melted wax, with a drum transferring the ink onto the paper of the print out. Lastly, there are laser toner cartridges. Laser toner cartridges are found most commonly in laser printers, which is most printers used in businesses and organizations across the world. With toner, a fine powder is transferred onto the paper of the print out through an electrostatic manner.

Toner Cartridges

A toner cartridge holds the printer toners. The toner within the laser toner cartridges is basically a combination of plastic and pigments, which is then electrically charged. This is the key part of how laser toner cartridges actually work. As soon as a print job is sent to the machine, the drum starts by emitting a positive charge. Then, a laser beam is used to tell the drum where to discharge as it is turning around. This is basically to create an electrostatic image. Then, the entire drum gets coated in toner and this clings only to the parts of the drum that have been discharged. Meanwhile, the paper actually gets a negative charge. The drum then rolls over and the paper attracts the toner, picking up the image that has actually been sent to the printer. A fuser then melts the plastic, biding the paper fibers and the pigment together. This stops smudges from occurring and it also stops bleeding from happening. As all of this is going on, the electrostatic image that was imprinted on the gets discharged, so that it is ready for the next image. This is how black printers work. If you require a color image, this exact process is repeated four times. This is because it needs to pass through the four colors that can create all the others, being magenta, yellow, cyan and black.

Print Cartridges

Very often, the print cartridge is specifically designed to be used with a certain printer. Laser toner cartridges, as such, are not generic items that can be used on all sorts of different printers. There are two terms that you may come across quite regularly when you are looking for laser toner cartridges. The first is high yield, which is able to produce many print outs with one toner, and the second is regular, which is perhaps less suitable for heavy business use. Laser toner cartridges are not cheap, particularly if you were to buy branded items. There are two reasons as to why people continue to buy branded items, however. The first is the recommendation to use “OEM” products. The second is because they believe the warranty on their printer will be void if they use a non-branded toner. Neither of these two assumptions are true, however. First of all, there are some excellent remanufactured toner cartridges that supersede the OEM standards, actually offering better quality and more prints for less money. In terms of the second reason, it would be illegal for a company to void the warranty, so long as you can demonstrate that you have purchased an item that was compatible with your printer. The reality is that these two rumors have actually been started by printer manufacturers, who were keen to stop people from buying remanufactured items.

Why You Should Buy Remanufactured

As you can tell from above, buying remanufactured is a great way of ensuring you always have sufficient toner. Besides the fact that you will be saving a whole lot of money – as much as 40% – on your printing budget, there are other reasons to buy remanufactured as well. Firstly, you will be helping the environment, because you are stopping harmful substances from ending up on a landfill or an incinerator, when they could be used at least another four times. Secondly, you are providing economic opportunities for small businesses to become cartridge manufacturers. Last but not least, you can help your local communities. Most nonprofit organizations, charities and local schools have recycling bins where you can deposit your empty toners. They will then be able to return these to a remanufacturer who will generally give them some financial compensation for these cartridges. The money that they receive is then put back into schools or into the community.