Where To Look For Micr Toner Replacements

A Magnetic Ink Character Recognition toner or MICR toner works like the ink for laser printers. It uses a character recognition system and a special kind of ink that gets magnetized and binds to the copy paper to transform the magnetic information into readable characters. The special ink for the toner gets used up and when that happens, users would need MICR toner replacements. Laser printer owners can go to an office supply store or perhaps go online to find sellers of MICR toners. The MICR technology is highly utilized by banking institutions for check printing. The alphanumeric characters found at the bottom part of checks are printed with magnetic ink. Today, most businesses and even households have switched to laser printers for better print quality.

Laser versus Inkjet Printers

Laser printers use ink toners, which is in powder form encased in plastic cartridges. When the powder is heated it binds to the paper reproducing the characters in the file being printed. It is available in black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. The biggest advantage that a laser printer has over an inkjet printer is that the ink toner is able to make more copies using just one cartridge. That means it will be a while before laser printers would need MICR toner replacements. While an ink toner can print out around 3,000 copies, the inkjet printer cartridge can only yield 100 copies before it needs to be replaced.

Finding Quality MICR Toners

If you belong to a fairly large business organization that owns more than two or three laser printers then you need a regular supplier of MICR toner replacements or you may already have one. But even small businesses or households need information on where they can buy good quality MICR toner to replace their old one. Before dealing with a supplier, you must first know the pertinent information about your ink toner which the supplier would need like the model of your toner and its size. Now you are ready to look for a good supplier for your MICR toner replacements.

Searching for a Supplier

You can start by browsing on the Internet and typing your ink toner’s brand and model. You want a supplier that will rank high on your search results as it would suggest that this particular supplier’s web site has been visited by more people than the rest. Navigate to their site and check out their product offerings. A good supplier’s site will allow you to conduct a search by brand, model, price range, location or other relevant search parameters. Check if the supplier has an outlet near you and if that outlet carries your brand and model of MICR toner replacements. The bigger retailers will have both an online store as well as an offline chain of stores. You are in luck if your ink toner is carried by an outlet near you as you would not have to pay for shipping and you can easily get assistance should problems arise. Otherwise you may opt to purchase online and wait a few days to get your toner replacements, but at least you do not have to go out to get it.